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Yoga for charity

Our Thursday evening yoga class is dedicated to support the community in need of our extra love and care. In the month of January 2020, city yoga studio is donating all our proceeds to the organisations impacted by the bush fires and last Thursday, $100 was raised for the WIRES again. Our Eco system is in great need of our continuous care. It is crucial that we donate our resources to support and resolve the impact however at the same time we must change how we live our life caring for not just for today but also for our future of the nature. Our unconscious and unnatural way of living are continually putting pressure on the world around us. We are truly blessed to live in this stunning country of Australia and we shall make our everyday living to enhance and maintain its beauty. Daily practice of yoga helps us stay in the now with less fluctuations of mind-body ultimately allow us to be in our true nature which are joy, love and peace. In that state, caring for all other living beings becomes our day to day living.

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