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Bringing Yoga to Life

Everyone has their own tool for living their life skillfully. Reading and yoga have been the most influential teacher as I flow through my life. When I find something to read about Yoga that inevitably becomes the best tool for everyday living. Over the last few months, I have been waking every morning reading a few pages of this book written by #donnafarhi celebrated yoga teacher internationally. Her style of writing is so graceful and perhaps the style of yoga she must be teaching and practicing. Bringing yoga to life is the title that immediately resonated with me and writes on philosophical and psychological elements of yoga. It also so humbly highlights that yoga is an ongoing inner journey that can never be perfected in a sense of our limited version of perfection. Our life and yoga will always be in progressive state of balance between change and acceptance. I dare to say maybe we have always been in perfection in our ever changing state.

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