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Balance Yoga

  • It is our signature 1 hour Hatha yoga class that is beginner friendly and also for the experienced yogis starting with 10 mins of focused breathing exercise slowing the breath to calm down our nervous system followed by gentle lying down postures or sitting down stretches. Then it gradually moves on to the standing postures lengthening and strengthening our entire muscle groups. The whole movements are slow and meditative so that we can stay connected to our body mind and breath😊 the last 15 mins are dedicated for sitting and lying down postures to cool down and eventually getting to relax fully in the corpse pose to close the practice. Our balance yoga aims at replenishing our mind-body as well as inviting you to feel your inner stillness. #yogasydney #yogastudioinsydney #cityyogastudiosydney @cityyogastudiosydney #beginneryogainsydney #meditation #mindbody #hathayogasydney

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